Two new Euro*MBA students look back on their Introduction Seminar in Maastricht



Eighteen new international professionals joined the Euro*MBA during the January intake 2013 at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. 

Two new Euro*MBA students look back on their Introduction Seminar in Maastricht.

Dennis Meidlein, Canadian, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Canada: 

“Part of the reason for choosing the Euro*MBA was its structured approached to distance learning.

What I did not anticipate were the relationships I would quickly develop during the Introduction Seminar.

While there is a tremendous amount of cultural and work experience diversity, I now believe that, like full-time ‘in-person’ MBAs, one of the greatest benefits from the programme will be the long-term relationships that are built.

The Introduction Seminar combined a learning environment with fostering these new relationships to ensure a support and knowledge network for the duration of the programme and our careers beyond the Euro*MBA.

Thank you!”


Ann-Kathrin Linnewedel, German. Attorney, Russia:

“Before starting the Euro*MBA programme I had a wealth of positive impressions about it.

Therefore, I was very curious if my expectations would be met.

Having just started our journey I can honestly say that they were not only met so far, but exceeded!

What impressed me most is the energetic and positive group dynamic we were able to build within only four days of introduction weekend amongst our new semester.

The team building exercises were a great support in this.

This team spirit will definitely be a key win for the challenging times ahead.

I went home, being a bit exhausted, but very reassured to have started the right programme.

look very much forward to the upcoming two years and especially to the next residential week.”



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