SBE alumna Vangy Villanueva’s life motto: “Aim for the stars. The sky is not the limit!”

SBE alumna Vangy Villanueva

Approximately two years ago I was enjoying my board year at (FS) FOCUS. It was one of the most interesting, dynamic and fun years of studying in Maastricht. I became part of the FOCUS family and met a lot of interesting people, especially my fellow boardies with whom I’m still in close contact.

After the board year I started with the Master Program from which I graduated in August 2012. As most recent graduates I was eager to get a job and start-off the working life in preferably a new city. Hence, I put all my effort into getting a traineeship in Business/IT which paid off quite fast with a Business/IT Consultancy Trainee position at the ABN AMRO Bank N.V. in Amsterdam. Considering that I signed the contract in September 2012 while the traineeship would not start until November 2012, I luckily had some time left to go on a little holiday, move to Amsterdam, and get ready for the working life.

The traineeship took off with an intensive introduction week for all 31 trainees to help them get to know each other and ABN AMRO. The remainder of the 15 months will consist of 3-4 individual assignments of 3-5 months at different departments and several personal development and field-specific trainings.

Currently, I’m halfway through my first assignment which is an IT project within IT Services whose main responsibility it is to ‘run the bank’. That is, keeping all IT within the bank running adequately to ensure that the bank can provide its daily services to the customer as it should.

My assignment is to establish and implement an end-to-end reporting process that is initiated by an employee’s request for a report and closed by the delivery of the requested report. For this project I work together with several reporting and related specialists from both ABN AMRO and IBM.

Although it has only been two months at ABN AMRO, I already feel at home and am very pleased with my trainee position. Before I always wondered why people would want to work their whole life at the same bank; however, I think I might become one of these people. It reminds me of the FOCUS family.

By Vangy Villanueva


Age: 24
Residence: Amsterdam
Employer: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Current Position: Business/IT Consultancy Trainee

FOCUS Committee:
Board 2010-2011 (Secretary),
IFO 2010-2011: Chicago

BSc International Business
MSc International Business – Information Management
Year of Graduation: 2012

Favourite Drink: Mojito

Craziest Food: I don’t do crazy food; only good food!

Life Motto: “Aim for the stars. The sky is not the limit!”


Source: INFOCUS, Magazine of the Financial Study Association SCOPE|FOCUS, January 2013

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