SBE welcomes 250 new Master students

Approximately 250 new Master students were welcomed at the School of Business and Economics on 30 January during a special Introduction Day organized by four faculty students.

The main goal of the event was to help the new students to get acquainted with SBE and provide them with complementary information about living in Maastricht and studying at Maastricht University.

The Introduction Day kicked off at the student friendly time of 10 am with coffee and tea and a warm word of welcome by Lynn Veld, president of SBE’s Introduction Days.

Veld thanked not only the new Master students for their presence, but also SBE staff members who showed great interest in the opening speech and in the incoming students.

“Making new friends”

SBE Dean Jos Lemmink and Managing Director Edward Peters formally welcomed all new Master students and conducted a small geographical survey on their countries of origin. Although most students appeared to be either Dutch or German, the survey showed that many of them also came from Eastern European and African countries as well as Australia, Canada or the UK.

This growing diversification of nationalities is a trend that is also recognized by the Introduction Days Committee who set up a programme on the theme of “Integration” and “Making new friends”.

After a tasty lunch delivered by DeliBelge, the new students split into smaller groups and made their way into the city or to SBE’s Ad Fundum bar space.

The Student Services Centre welcomed the students with information and a free cup of coffee or cappuccino at its CoffeeLovers corner.

This was not the only free drink the students received throughout the day. In order “to stimulate integration”, Jules and You offered them a free beer at the Twee Heeren café and Leann Poeth from SBE’s Alumni Office was waiting for them at Eetcafé de Preuverij with hot chocolate milk and a delicious slice of Limburg vlaai.

Meanwhile, many study associations representatives were present at Ad Fundum to talk and enjoy a drink with the new students.

The entire group came together again at the KIWI to discuss the day around a pizza or a burger, energize up, and prepare for the after party at café Van Bommel on Platielstraat.

Putting the theme of the day into practise, everyone enjoyed the cold beers, the hard beats, and a good conversation screaming in each other’s ears.

The Introduction Days Committee wishes the new Master students a successful study year at SBE!

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