SBE alumnus Maarten Smit: “Never regret the decisions you made, but the ones you didn’t make!”

SBE alumnus Maarten Smit

Talking business actually feels a bit awkward now, being only a few days away from a 3-month trip through Central America…

I just finished my latest project at Deutsche Bank and will start with the next one in April 2013 only. In between I will travel from Mexico all the way down to Colombia. The flights are booked, but for the rest: we will see!

Following graduation in 2007 I continued to work at Atos Consulting, the company at which I completed my master thesis on pension in kind.

However, mid of 2009 I decided to move together with my girlfriend in Cologne and start working for Inhouse Consulting at Deutsche Bank. In comparison to my previous experiences in the external consultancy my current job offers various advantages: I don’t have to stay in hotels all-week long, but return home at night and meet up with friends instead. In addition, the clients are simultaneously colleagues at the bank, contributing positively to a successful cooperation and long-lasting relationships.

Meanwhile, we get the opportunity to become acquainted with all parts of the bank, both in Germany and abroad, at existing businesses as well as at newly acquired units.

Following the restructuring of a traditional part of the bank I went to Amsterdam to support the integration of the acquired activities of ABN Amro. Working together with colleagues from UK, Germany and the Netherlands one quickly understands that successful integration is all about culture. The project turned out to be very challenging, but extremely interesting and enjoyable too: in the office as well as outside office hours…

What followed were a cross-regional introduction of a new approach at our Group Finance, the integration of the Postbank in Germany and the global roll-out of the agenda of Deutsche Bank’s new management team. All these projects make Inhouse Consulting the perfect launching pad for a successful career at the bank.

As a result, most of the consultants change into a management position in one of the other divisions after the years they spend with us.

But for me another opportunity the job offers me is awaiting me first: my 3-month trip through Central America. No time left thus to start packing my bag.

On to the next level in my career!

By Maarten Smit

Age: 29
Residence: Cologne
Employer: Deutsche Bank
Current Position: Senior Inhouse Consultant

FOCUS Committee:
International Financial Orientation 2005
FS FOCUS Board 2005-2006
Council of Advice 2006-today

BSc IB & MSc Financial Economics
Year of Graduation: 2007

Favourite Drink: Living in Cologne – only one answer possible: Kölsch…

Craziest Food: Guinea pig and ants (in Peru)

Life Motto: “Never regret the decisions you made, but the ones you didn’t make!”


SourceINFOCUS, Magazine of the Financial Study Association SCOPE|FOCUS, January 2013

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