Symposium “Global Banking, Financial Stability, and Post-Crisis Policy Challenges”, February 1, 2013

On February 1, 2013, the European Center for Corporate Engagement (ECCE) in cooperation with the Institute of Global Business & Society (GLOBUS) and NWO will host a symposium on “Global Banking, Financial Stability, and Post-Crisis Policy Challenges”.

A rapid globalization process of banking is the major characteristic of the economic environment in the last decade. While globalization was initially praised for improving the global allocation of capital, the financial crisis of 2007/08 as well as the subsequent Eurozone crisis have clearly revealed the threats to financial stability associated with banking globalization. It is now increasingly becoming obvious that gross, rather than net cross-border banking flows and the corresponding and often simultaneous build-up of both foreign assets and foreign liabilities have played a major role in the crises events.

Given the importance of cross-border banking, it is astonishing that the determinants and dynamics of the international banking geography are not yet fully understood. Moreover, as much as the impact of global banking on financial stability has been under-researched before the crisis, we are just now starting to understand the impact of financial crises on banking globalization. Finally, policy makers are still short of rational and well-founded regulatory responses to reconcile the benefits of global banking with a stable global and regional financial development.

This one-day symposium intends to bring together leading experts and practitioners from academia, industry and regulatory bodies with three major intentions: First, to discuss recent advances in research on banking globalization and financial stability. Second, to exchange views on urgent policy and regulatory issues to balance the cost and benefits of global banking. Third, to make these views visible to a broader audience in the profession as well as to policy makers and an interested civil society. To this end, we intend to publish the contributions in a policy-oriented small book with a renowned publisher.

The workshop is open to participants. Participants can register by email to by January 21, 2013.

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