Prof. Hashem Pesaran receives Maastricht University Honorary Doctorate for SBE

On Monday 14 January 2012, Maastricht University celebrated its 37th anniversary, commonly known as Dies Natalis.

On this occasion, five outstanding individuals, each nominated by one of the faculties or the Executive Board, were awarded an honorary doctorate.

Prof. Hashem Pesaran of University of Cambridge and University of Southern California (Economics) received the degree Honoris Causa for SBE presented by honorary supervisor Prof. Franz Palm.

Prof. Pesaran was honoured for his groundbreaking and internationally acclaimed work in econometrics and financial economics.

Prof. Franz Palm praised Prof. Pesaran’s exceptional achievements. “I am personally proud of having you affiliated with our university even more than in the past because I believe that your affiliation with our university will mean a further boost of the quality of our teaching and research in particular in the fields of econometrics and financial economics, but beyond those fields, also for interdisciplinary teaching and research with our school and university,” he said.

Mohammad Hashem Pesaran
Mohammad Hashem Pesaran (1946) obtained his PhD in economics from Cambridge University in 1972. A pioneer in the field of applied econometrics, his primary research areas include the quantitative analysis of financial markets, macroeconomic models and the economy of the Middle East. Pesaran has held professorships at various universities around the world. He has also worked for the Central Bank of Iran and was an adviser to the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. From 1988 to 2012 he worked as a professor of economics at Cambridge University, where he is now emeritus professor. He has been affiliated with the University of Southern California since 2005.

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