Lecture and Debate: National Distribution of Economic Wealth, 19 February

In a lot of nations, economic inequalities are a fact. These inequalities might have consequences for the quality of life of individuals and the functioning of the society as a whole. The focus of this Debate Café is on analyzing the distribution of economic wealth and how this affects the quality of life. It will discuss the improvements that could be made.


Prof. Dr. Jaap Dronkers: Professor in international comparative research on educational performance and social inequality at Maastricht University. He has published on the causes and consequences of unequal educational and occupational attainment, changes in educational opportunities, effect-differences between public and religious schools, the educational and occupational achievement of migrants from different origins and in various countries of destination, the linkages between school and the labour market, the effects of parental divorce on children, cross-national differences in causes of divorce, education of Dutch elites, and European nobility. He also participates in public debates on topics related to his research.

Prof. Dr. Adam Szirmai: Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT and Professor of Development Economics at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance of Maastricht University. His research focuses on international comparisons of growth and productivity in manufacturing in developing countries. He has been involved in research projects in manufacturing in Indonesia, China, South Korea, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Japan. A second focus of his research concerns the relationships between innovation, technological change and economic performance at sectoral level. A third area of research interest is that of the determinants of long-run growth and stagnation in developing countries. His research has a strong emphasis on empirical measurement of levels and trends in economic performance.

Dr. Maarten Vendrik: Currently Maarten Vendrik holds a position as senior assistant professor in microeconomics and public economics in the economics department of Maastricht University. Maarten Vendrik has published widely in high-standing international journals in economics and theoretical physics. His current research interests include happiness economics, labour economics, public economics, and applied econometrics. He takes a special interest in the dynamics and determinants of happiness, the role of psychological and sociological phenomena in labour economics, and the labour market problems of an aging population.

Prof. dr. Joan Muysken: professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Maastricht University, where he teaches macroeconomics and labour economics.

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Debate Café with Scope | Economics
Tuesday 19 February, 20h00 • Bookshop Selexyz Dominicanen Dominikanerkerkstraat 1 • Free entrance

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