SBE alumna Eline Sijbesma’s motto: “Don’t be sad when it’s over, smile because it happened!”

Eline Sijbesma

I’m 23 years old and graduated in IB Finance and IB Strategy and Innovation in December 2011.

I started working on January 1st, 2012 as an executive in Transaction Services at KPMG in Amstelveen.

In Transaction Services I am active in the Mergers and Acquisition industry and assist both (prospective) buyers and sellers by performing financial due diligences.

We work on project basis where a project generally lasts for two to three weeks, depending on the scope of work we agreed on and the size of the project as a whole.

A team usually consists of about three to five people and I’m the most junior member.

As an executive I am responsible for the databook, which is the file where all financial data from annual and management reports is assembled and processed.

My tast is to make sure that the data is processed in such a way that the senior team members can use it as the basis for their analyses.

In this job I am given the opportunity to quickly learn about different industries. Even though I’ve only been working at KPMG for nine months, I have been able
to get an insight into the workings of very diverse industries; from telecommunications to glass production.

Currently I’m working on a project in the financial sector. One small project has even made the news! A-ware food group – a Dutch specialist in storing, ripening and transporting cheese – and Fonterra – a New-Zealand based producer of dairy products decided to unite forces and jointly build a cheese-production factory. Before both parties agreed to collaborate we were asked to look into A-ware’s financial position.

I wouldn’t be able to describe an average week at work, as not one week is the same and it is sometimes hard to predict what I’ll be doing the next.

It has happened to me to come into the office in the morning without any project and to have  to go into a full sprint to catch up on all the work that had to be done in the afternoon. This “run or standstill” is a key feature of our industry. Although it requires a flexible mindset and similar agenda, it makes the work very enjoyable as we can be sure that it won’t be repetitive as we’ll always encounter new challenges, work in different teams of different sizes and gain a better insight into yet another industry.

Next to the hard work there is room for social activities. We have an “end of week” drink every Friday in KPMG’s own bar. Another recurring event is the annual ski-trip during which colleagues from all levels – from executives to partners – enjoy the snowy Alps together. I was only working at KPMG for a few months when I took part in my first ski-trip – to Gerlos, Austria – and it was a great way to get to see another side of my colleagues.

I enjoyed it so much that I am now organising this year’s trip!

Overall, KPMG is a great place to work on interesting projects with very nice and smart people. I am very happy with my choice for KPMG in general and TS in particular!

By Eline Sijbesma

Age: 23
Residence: Amsterdam
Employer: KPMG
Current Position: Executive Transaction Services

FOCUS Committee:
Maastricht Business Days 2010,
FS FOCUS board 2010-2011

MSc IB Finance and IB Strategy & Innovation
Year of Graduation: 2011

Favourite Drink: Strawberry Daiquiri

Craziest Food: Cookie dough ice cream with whipped cream, banana, chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles.

Life Motto: “Don’t be sad when it’s over, smile because it happened!”

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