Maurice Wollersheim, International MBA alumnus: “I wanted to create more opportunities for myself at an international level”

Maurice Wollersheim was among the first batch of students to enrol in the International MBA programme at Maastricht University. A testimonial.

I was working as a consultant for Logica, a global ICT company and now part of CGI and I was  interested in product marketing.

As a consultant I was mainly involved in the technical aspects of the products. But I wanted more. I wanted to broaden my knowledge and create more opportunities for myself at an international level.

I started looking for a suitable programme that I could do alongside my work. Several colleagues were very enthusiastic about the MBA programme at Maastricht University. The quality of the university and the English-language programme were the deciding factors for me.

As the first batch of students in the International MBA programme we had a great run. The group was very diverse: there were people from biotechnology, non-profit organisations, government and the biomedical sector. And from different countries, too, including Ireland, Korea, Mexico and the USA.

We became very close very quickly. I even ran the New York marathon with some of them.

I also had the sense that our lecturers and trainers continuously made genuine efforts for us. It was a great time – I really enjoyed it! I still have contact with my fellow students and our lecturers.

“I gained a lot from the MBA”

During the MBA programme I was able to transfer within Logica to the position of product manager, and for my thesis I investigated how to commercialise high-tech innovations. It was very interesting. I now live in Brussels and work in a very international team.

I gained a lot from the MBA; without it, such a transition would have been very difficult.

My current work offers a great combination of technology and marketing. After all, the way you introduce a new product on the market is just as important for its commercial success as the product itself.

Depending on the product, we decide how to launch it on the market. Is it just a new version of an already existing product? If so, we’ll take it to market in a different way than a completely new product.

We also look at which improvements are called for, and figure out what we can do about them. It’s precisely this two-way traffic, from the product towards the market and from the market towards the product, that makes this position so interesting for me.

By Maurice Wollersheim, International MBA alumnus

Source: Maastricht University website


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