Jos Lemmink introduces the Service Science Factory at GEW 2012 Conference

SBE Dean Jos Lemmink introduces the Service Science Factory at the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 Conference in Maastricht.

The Service Science Factory is an innovative place where students, researchers and professionals work in a pressure-cooker environment on inventing new or improving existing services. We offer companies, governmental entities or different organizations the possibilities to present their problems to our dedicated project teams and – after six to eight weeks – receive a working solution: a complete service or its prototype.

Over 125 countries took part in this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week on 12-15 November 2012. The Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurshiphas made it a tradition to join in the initiative aimed at inspiring students and entrepreneurs all over the world and reached over 200 students through high quality events such as the GEW Conference, the Local Heroes Business Plan Award and an Innovation Safari to the Limburg multinational company DSM.

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