SBE alumna Danique van Eijk’s motto: “Life is the plural of courage”

Although it is only less than two years ago, it seems already a long time ago since my time at FOCUS.

During my studies in Maastricht I became a member of FOCUS in 2008 by joining the board of Sigma Investments. In 2009 I became FOCUS’ chairman of the board.

My time at FOCUS and my board year in particular were unforgettable and I learned valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork, social and many more skills.

After my graduation in April 2011, I immediately started as a Trainee at the ING headoffice in Amsterdam. Together with my fellow FOCUS boardie Yvette (external relations commissioner 2009-2010) and 130 other trainees throughout the whole bank we had a large on-boarding programme in the first year. This was a deep dive into banking and a great way to start building my professional network.

Furthermore, during my first year I did two rotations at different departments within the Commercial Bank, six months at Corporate Finance M&A and afterwards in Trade & Commodity Finance, both in Amsterdam and in Hong Kong.

Currently, I have a fixed position at Event Finance. You might think at first that this team finances all kinds of nice parties but unfortunately I have to disappoint you, although it doesn’t mean that it is any less interesting.

The team I’m working in is involved in large business events (i.e. acquisition, restructuring, P2P) requiring a coordinated approach to deliver a multi-product solution for our clients. I work together with different product specialists within ING (i.e. DCM, ECM, Lending). This work requires clear communication and good teamwork in order to align all members of the team to best serve the client. This is similar to what I experienced during  my board year at FOCUS when the clients were fellow students.

I recommend everyone to become active during their student life be it with FOCUS or with any other association.

By Danique van Eijk

Age: 24
Residence: Amsterdam
Employer: ING Bank
Current Position: Analyst Event Finance at ING, Commercial Banking Traineeship

FOCUS Committee:
Chairman FS FOCUS 2009-2010,
External Relations Sigma Investments 2008,
London Banking Tour 2010,
Council of Advice 2010-2012

BSc IB and MSc IB Finance
Year of Graduation: 2011

Favourite Drink: Good wine
Craziest Food: Deepfried scorpions
Life Motto: “Leven is het meervoud van lef” (“Life is the plural of courage”)

Source: INFOCUS, magazine of the Financial Study Association SCOPE|FOCUS, October 2012

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