Gabor Steingart on our Wealth and its Enemies: How the Financial Crisis has Changed our Society

In his latest book The War for Wealth Steingart examines the effect of globalization on the state of the world’s economy.

He lays out the three potential scenarios the world faces – a “shock scenario” in which there is a global economic crash, an “Asia-over-all scenario” where the rising economies of Asia completely overtake the West, or the “American renaissance scenario” in which U.S. politicians unite with each other and with Europe, forming a pragmatic third way to bring the West back on the map.

Steingart tries to answer the question: “Are we on the brink of a financial regime change?

Gabor Steingart publishes in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and European Affairs. He was bureau chief of Der Spiegel. His book The War for Wealth has been published in ten countries.

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