They met at SBE… and lived happily ever after

Fairy tale endings are the best. Two SBE students studied hard, had fun, met in Maastricht, entered into a relationship, graduated, went their separate ways, reunited, moved to England, kept in touch with their alma mater, got engaged, and had their wedding reception at the SBE Kruithuis… where it all started.

The knight in shining armour, Hidde-Jan Lemstra is this dynamic person, full of energy and ideas. No wonder he went from working at Shell to starting his own consultancy business for start-ups, besides being involved in the set-up of a number of charities.

Nancy Bocken is a real princess. But life is not sitting in the castle all day and attending royal balls. She is an academic with a lot of drive. She completed her “doctorandus” degree in Maastricht in less than four years (which by the way means that she still has two months of Dutch governmental study-finance left to spend!) She recently completed her PhD at Cambridge University where she is now a lead researcher in Sustainable Business Development.

“I am proud of their accomplishments,” said Leann Poeth, SBE alumni officer.  “The UM alumni association slogan is “We Go Places!” and Nancy and Hidde-Jan are excellent examples of this phenomenon. They physically crossed the English Channel – We Go Places! – by relocating to another country.  But they also “Go Places!” with all of the achievements.  And they continue to keep in touch with their alma mater too. Both Hidde-Jan and Nancy have come back to the SBE on several occasions as guest speakers.”

“I was so pleased to be part of their wedding planning process and a guest at the nuptial activities,” Leann added. “I was so excited to hear that they wanted to come back to Maastricht University to celebrate their marriage. And all four of their wedding party witnesses (best men/women) are UM alumni. It is a real-life SBE fairy tale!”


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