The Service Science Factory launches three new projects: Chemelot Campus, APG and Landenteam Nederland

This fall the Service Science Factory is rolling out (at least) three projects alongside the Ziggo project that starts next week.

For these three new projects projects SSF is looking for multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams who feel enthusiastic about service innovation and designing tailor-made solutions.

The Chemelot Campus project will aim at:

  • taking part in the creation of an innovative breeding ground for R&D based-business and research institutions.
  • creating the growth engine for the region.
  • building an on- and offline community.

The APG project will consist in:

  • researching the motives and stimuli for getting people to take action in financially planning their retirement.
  • coming up with the right communication strategy to trigger action in customers.
  • finding out how APG can be able to transform ‘Pension Worriers’ into ‘Pension Champions’.

The Landenteam Nederland project will focus on:

  • discovering the current image of Maastricht University outside its own region.
  • finding the reason why students base their university choice more and more on location.
  • researching what reasons, motivations and decision criteria of potential students are when joining a specific university.
  • designing the right integrated communication mix to attract students to Maastricht University.

For more information and participation on the projects, please visit the Service Science Factory website.

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