12-15 November 2012: Global Entrepreneurship Week Maastricht 2012

GEW Maastricht Conference

This year GEW Maastricht 2012 will host some of the most inspiring Dutch entrepreneurs. On November 13th, the Gouvernement, birthplace of the Euro treaty, will host an outstanding range of speakers and a carefully selected guest list.

Led by the motto “From Good to Great”, the afternoon will offer inspiring talks by, amongst others, founders of leading Dutch companies, international internet rockstars and other professionals. GEW Maastricht won’t be just a good conference, it will be a great one! Subscribe at www.gewmaastricht.nl.

When: Tuesday the 13th of November, from 10:30 till 18:30.

Application: Interested in joining GEW Maastricht 2012? Send in your motivated application via the website http://www.gewmaastricht.nl/apply-for-a-ticket/

Local Heroes Maastricht

Interested in meeting local entrepreneurial heroes? Join Local Heroes and find out what it takes to become an entrepreneurial hero. Get inspired by our local heroes Maikel Beerens and Marc van der Chijs and find out who will win the University Fund Next Generation Hero Award worth € 10.000,- of seed capital awarded by the Governor of Limburg.

Maikel Beerens (Founder Xilloc Medical) is a rising star with his innovative business and Marc van der Chijs (Founder Tudou/Co-founder Unitedstyles) is our grandest entrepreneurial alumnus. Besides other successes known for founding Tudou which is a Nasdaq listed company with an estimated value of over 1 billion dollar! Learn from the best and meet the future. Get inspired, become a hero!

When: Wednesday the 14th of November, from 16:30 to 19:00.

Information: Free attendance. For more information visit www.gewmaastricht.nl

Innovation Safari

The Safari will take you to DSM where you will be welcomed by Robert Kirschbaum (Vice-President Open Innovation). Kirschbaum annually handles around one billion of investments in new venture creation and is known as the creator of the “Innovation Funnel” used by strategy and innovation guru Chesbrough. Interested? Join us to DSM and spot the driving forces for innovation in a multinational company!

When: Thursday the 15th of November, from 09:00 to 12:00.

Application: Selection based on motivation. For more information visit www.gewmaastricht.nl



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