Service Science Café celebrates launch of EdL@b

It was another inspiring Service Science Café at  the Service Science Factory on the afternoon of Friday 21 September.

Among the highlights of the programme were the official opening of the Educational Lab, in short EdL@b and interactive workshops hosted by the Service Science Factory.

Gaby Odekerken, Scientific Director of the Service Science Factory, and Ingrid Wijk, Director of the Maastricht University Library officially opened the EdL@b by using interactive 3d models produced by Qbengo, an initiative based at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology,  to lay a digital “foundation” for the new laboratory.

What is the EdL@b?

Guest speaker Jeroen van Merriënboer, Professor in Learning and Instruction at Maastricht University, introduced “EdL@b as a stepping stone for educational innovation.”

“EdL@b is an educational laboratory,” said Ingrid Wijk, the University Library Director. “The laboratory is not about the educational innovation itself, it’s about experimenting with IT tools, with applications, with new tools of delivering education.”

“EdL@b is there not only for the university,” she added. “We already set up an agreement with Océ and Document Services Valley in Venlo to take advantage of regional possibilities and invite companies and entrepreneurs to try out projects.”

Jeroen van Merrienboer said that the success factors for this type of innovative experiments lie primarily in the users’ ability for collaboration, communication and teamwork.

“The big challenge now lies in the use of e-learning to reinforce Problem Based Learning,” said Van Merrienboer. “A good example of this integration is the SHARE IT project, used by PHD-students in Maastricht to explore new ways of sharing information.”

Ingrid Wijk concluded by inviting not only students and teachers, but also companies and entrepreneurs to take part in the EdL@b.

Interactive workshops

In the second part of the programme, the Service Science Factory offered three interactive workshops, where participants were introduced to a service design tool and were invited to implement it to jointly find a solution for a real-life case.

What is the Service Science Factory?

The Service Science Factory, powered by Maastricht University, is an innovative place where students, researchers and professionals work in a pressure-cooker environment to either improve existing services or invent new ones.

It offers companies, governmental entities or other organizations the possibility to present their problems to dedicated project teams and supplies them – after a period of eight weeks – with a working solution in the form of a complete service or its prototype.

And what are these Service Science Cafés?

The Service Science Cafés are recurring events where the Service Science Factory gives exposure to recently completed projects.

The events have grown out into networking events for Service (Science) enthusiasts. The setting is diverse and always revolves around new themes.

More Service Science Factory?

If you are interested in participating in one of the Service Science Factory’s upcoming projects, or require more information about the organisation, feel free to contact Project Leader/Recruiter Vanessa Lusian.

If you are a company and are looking to realize your service innovation potential, do not hesitate to contact Strategic Account Manager Sjannie Hulsman.


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