Sustainability lecture series – 1: Innovation for Sustainable Development by Prof. R. Kemp

Sustainability has become an increasingly important attribute of economic activities describing methods of production, but also qualities of consumption and attributes of capital investment.

In part, this reflects popular concern with environmental preservation, but it may also reflect changes in tastes among consumers and investors.

“Sustainability” may also be a marketing device which can be employed successfully by large corporations and small businesses alike.

In this lecture, Prof. René Kemp looks at sustainable development as a conservation strategy, a modernisation strategy and a moderation strategy and addresses the following questions:

– Does sustainable development require fundamental changes in systems of productions and consumption (transitions)?
– What are the possibilities for managing sustainability transitions? How to make sure that such attempts are not misguided or futile?

Read the review of the lecture by Ana Mihail 

René Kemp is Professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT and Professor of Innovation and Sustainable Development at ICIS, Maastricht University. René Kemp is known for his work on eco-innovation, environmental policy, strategic niche management and transition management – on which he authored numerous articles and books. His research interests are environmental policy and technical change, technological transitions, innovation policy, evolutionary theories of technical change and reflexive governance.

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