Maastricht research in emerging economy: Brazil

Every year since 1989, Research Project Maastricht has performed research in emerging economies such as China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam.

This academic year the focus will be on Brazil and from January to April 2013, the RPM team will explore and evaluate opportunities for businesses on site in Brazil’s emerging economy.

Before departure the team will start with an extensive desk research in Maastricht. During their stay in Brazil, they will be conducting research on location.

This research can be done in all parts of Brazil, according to the preferences of the main company. The research will be concluded with a research report and a presentation of the results, also according to the preferences of the company.

RPM will be accompanied during the entire process by an Advisory Board, comprised of professors of Maastricht University, government institutions officials and employees from several companies. Moreover, the team will be trained by consultancy firms such as BCG, McKinsey, Roland Berger, KPMG and Boer&Croon.

What is Research Project Maastricht?

Research Project Maastricht (RPM), an initiative supported by Maastricht University, aims to successfully conduct company specific research, on a non-profit basis. RPM is carried out annually and is best suited to companies with international ambitions and global orientation.

RPM consists of a multi-disciplinary team with fourteen carefully selected top students in the final phase of their study. The team members are carefully selected from a large pool of applicants, and possess the technical knowledge, as well as the cultural and linguistic skills required to successfully work in an international business environment. The team members’ competences range from tax, legal, economic and business studies.

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