Lecture: A better Europe without the Euro

Prof. A. Klamer lamer has long been ridiculed. Fellow economists did not take him seriously – as he was not only against the Euro back in the nineties but also predicted Euro doom and Euro gloom.

A couple of years ago, the Euro was still hailed as a spectacular success. But the world has changed. Klamer was right. But what’s his alternative? He proposes a whole variety of currencies: a special currency for transactions between certain companies, special kinds of currencies for specific regions – just imagine.

Klamer holds the world’s only chair in the field of cultural economics. Prior to that he taught for many years at several universities in the US, including Wellesley College and George Washington University.

Speaker: Prof. A. Klamer, Professor of the Economics of Art and Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Author, Dean of Academia Vitae
Lecture: Tuesday 18 September, 8 pm – 10 pm • Aula Minderbroedersberg 4-6
SourceStudium Generale Maastricht


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Photo: The Euro monument in Frankfurt by Saikofish (some rights reserved)

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