Changes in the iEMFC Program

The corporate world changes rapidly, the global economy develops at breath-taking speed.

The iEMFC tries to continuously align with the major changes in its environment.

Over the last two or three years we broadened and deepened our international relationships. We have a smooth cooperation now with Fudan University in Shanghai where the participants met  Chinese professors such as Prof. Yu Yihong (Doing Business in China & Economic Development of China), Prof. Ren Mingchuan (Chinese Accounting & Accounting Information Systems) and Prof. Zhao Youzhen (Multinational Enterprises and local firms’ survival) in class.

We also discussed the importance of China for our businesses with experts of the BENELUX Chamber of Commerce (BenCham) during our expert diners. Our iEMFC participants prepared key note speeches as an introduction to a lively and focused discussion with the experts while enjoying a superb diner.

“Utile dulci” is a Latin saying that still holds today in the business world!


2012 will be the last year of the Maastricht University and Universiteit van Amsterdam cooperation as we have known it from the start. We go our own ways, but will continue to cooperate and mutually support our EMFC programs in the international arena. This year, we move to Brussels for our November seminar, and yes, we do have plans to spread our wings as far as Melbourne (Australia).

Dr. B.Furneaux

The iEMFC program office also welcomed Dr. Brent Furneaux as the new Deputy Director. Brent coordinates the Information Management courses and executive research projects for the iEMFC. Brent is Canadian and joined Maastricht University with the ambition to strengthen the Information Management research and education efforts.

Prof. dr. R.Meuwissen-RA

We also welcomed Prof. Dr. Roger Meuwissen as the new Accounting Information Systems (AIS) course coordinator. He replaces the previous coordinator and Program Director, Prof. dr. Eddy Vaassen, who left Maastricht and who is now leading the international RA program at Tilburg University. Eddy, many thanks for all your efforts that made the iEMFC to what it is today!

2011 was also successful in the sense that one of our participants, Peter Luske, won the national VRC Thesis Award. You can read more about this achievement in this newsletter.

Last but not least, another major change is the explicit introduction of “soft” skills into the program. With Peter Linssen and Tom Janssen we have two experts coaching our participants to increase their impact as financials and controllers on decision making processes in their businesses. On top of that, the “Controllership” course also focuses on “executive research” to further improve the quality of the master thesis and to make sure that the topics treated in the master thesis are not only relevant for executive decision making in the “home” companies of our participants, but that the thesis also contributes to the profession we all cherish!



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