“Sharing your experiences with other people is what really matters”

Rolf Martin Blume: Also in working life, establishing good relationships with customers and colleagues is important to me.

I was born and raised in Kamp-Lintfort, a German city of 40,000 inhabitants at the edge of the Ruhr in the Lower Rhine Region. While this might not seem spectacular, Kamp-Lintfort is still special to me as my whole family lives there, too.”

Although I do not have any brothers or sisters, I have several aunts and uncles and a bunch of cousins so that family birthdays are always a big event. So interacting with others comes natural to me and I think that is why Maastricht’s PBL system appealed to me right away.

Having taken part in a PBL session on the Open Day student recruitment event, my choice to study in Maastricht was clear. At UM you could be so much more active compared to studying at any German university in which you have to be passive and listen to a lecture, along with 500 or so other students.

In September 2006, I started my studies in International Business. Majoring in Finance with a minor in Accounting, I was happy to achieve my Bachelor’s degree in 2009 and even pass it with distinction (cum laude).

Top experiences abroad

I do not only appreciate UM for its PBL system that allowed me to take an active part when studying capital markets and IFRS, but also for its obligatory study abroad term, together with its extensive network of partner universities.

I was privileged to study at the prestigious Stern School of Business (NYU) and live in the Big Apple for half a year.

My classes were great – I was taught by a star professor in every course – but living in such a dynamic system is an experience you never forget. And New York is so fast and dynamic – you have to experience it yourself!

Back in Maastricht, I decided to continue my studies and graduated cum laude as MSc International Business (specialisation Controlling) in September 2010 and I was a top 3% student, which allowed me to take part in a UM scholarship programme for talented, academic students.

The value of good relationships

Next to being ambitious and determined to achieve something in life, I think that true happiness lies in sharing your experiences with other people. To me, happiness is indeed a thing that doubles if you share it.

Therefore, my friends and the people I love are the most precious assets I have (that’s the accountant in me).

Also in working life, establishing good relationships with customers and colleagues is important to me. Life and work are so much more fun if you get along well with each other. It’s true, what Victor Borge says: “The shortest distance between two people is a smile” – you should try it!”

Rolf Martin Blume, BSc International Business 2009 (cum laude) major Finance, minor Accounting, MSc International Business 2010 (cum laude) track Controlling. Martin is currently working as a transaction advisor at Deloitte and Touche in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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