DIME Final conference

From 6 to 8 April, UNU-Merit and Maastricht University School of Business and Economics will host the final conference of DIME. DIME (Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe) is a network of Excellence sponsored by the EU 6th Framework Programme.

Over its lifetime of six years, DIME has organised many activities that provide a broad perspective on the role of Europe in the global knowledge economy, from a perspective that covers geography, evolutionary economics, institutional economics, organisation and management science, and other relevant disciplines.

DIME will come to an end on 30 April 2011.

The conference is organised by Prof. Dr. Luc Soete (Director of UNU-Merit) and Prof. Dr. Bart Verspagen and its aim is to summarise and conclude on DIME’s activities.

Topics discussed during the conference relate to:

– Heterogeneity in economics and innovation
– Growth and development,
– The paradox of localisation and globalisation,
– Organisation and innovativeness,
– Economic dynamics and the environment,
– Dynamics of technology and knowledge.

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