United Brains Limburg: A gift to Limburg’s business community

On 12 October, nine knowledge institutes signed an agreement to formally create United Brains Limburg during the Business Contact Days. The partners will unite under one roof to provide business owners in the Limburg province of the Netherlands with much easier access to knowledge that will enable them to further their businesses.

The partners united under the United Brains Limburg umbrella are Arcus College, Leeuwenborgh Education, Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht University, DSM R&D Solutions B.V., Maastricht Instruments, Chemelot, Liof and Syntens. Together they will make their in-house knowledge available to the business world. All entrepreneurs are free to consult United Brains Limburg with any knowledge or innovation questions they may have. The question will be discussed with the entrepreneur and the partners will then decide on the best institution to answer it.

Claudia van Oppen from the SME Portal Maastricht University, one of the initiative leaders says: “The business world actually received a kind of gift on 12 October. Entrepreneurs in small and medium sized enterprises want to innovate to keep ahead. United Brains Limburg will make this a lot easier. As the partners also have a great deal of knowledge about subsidiary options and research programmes which may be appropriate for what the entrepreneurs need, the inquirer will often receive a lot more than what he or she initially requested.”

Entrepreneurs are free to approach with virtually any question they have that requires knowledge to answer. Questions may concern product development, product testing, market research questions, business plans, ICT issues, questions about chemistry, new materials, medical technology, the environment and safety and so on.

United Brains Limburg has been set up in imitation of United Brains Eindhoven, Netherlands, an initiative they will also be cooperating with. For further information, please see this website, click here.

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