Elsevier ranking 2010: First place in the Netherlands for SBE master’s programmes

This year’s Elsevier Master Ranking again awarded first place to SBE’s MSc International Business (IB). The MSc Management of Learning (MoL) was awarded first place for the first time. SBE’s MSc Economics programme shares a third place with Rotterdam and Tilburg.  Elsevier‘s survey on universities and institutions of higher education is conducted amongst both peers and students in the Netherlands.

Elsevier Ranking by students:

– MSc International Business

This programme was ranked first in its category and obtained an overall score of 7.3. The grade for the sub-category ‘Education’ was even a 7.4, significantly higher than the score of any other university. Also, in the sub-categories ‘Teachers’, ‘Programme Structure’, ‘Examination’ and ‘Facilities’ the MSc IB programme received higher grades than all of the competing universities.

– MSc Management of Learning

In its second year of the Elsevier Ranking, the MSc Management of Learning programme achieved first place in its category, with an overall score of 7.4. The programme did exceptionally well in the sub-categories ‘Teachers’, ‘Programme Structure’ and ‘Education’, with grades significantly higher than that of any other Dutch university. The teachers of the programme even received a wonderful 8.1!

– MSc Economics

The MSc Economics programme of the School of Business and Economics was ranked third with a 7.1 as the overall grade, only 0.1 point less than the combined first place of the programmes in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. SBE’s programme outperformed the competition in the sub-categories ‘Education’ and ‘Examination’. In the latter category, SBE’s score of 7.4 was significantly higher than that of any other Dutch university.

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