Focus on cultural diversity

Our core business is our students, which means that the latest victory of our case competition team at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore fills us all with pride. In fact, the story goes that, in general, when our competitors hear they have to compete with an SBE team in the first round, they start shaking in their boots, which only adds to our respect for the SBE teams.

When we train our case competition teams we make sure to pay special attention to cultural diversity. Given the multicultural backgrounds of our students in general, and our case competition teams in particular, we recently decided to develop a programme that focuses on this issue in education as well.

However, this focus on cultural diversity is nothing new for SBE. Several years ago we appointed Prof. Dr.  Mark F. Peterson as the Geert Hofstede Chair in Cultural Diversity. And as for emeritus professor Geert Hofstede, it is almost impossible to overstate his importance – you need only glance at Google Scholar to find that Hofstede is the most frequently cited of European social scientists.

Jos Lemmink, Dean

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