SBE rewards talented students: the top 3% of students study for free

Maastricht University encourages talent.  To attract, encourage and stimulate talented students is one of the main priorities of the Strategic Programme 2007-2010. We should recognise and reward talented students.

To this end, a plan was created to allow the top 3% of students to study for free. The top 3% scholarship – equal in value to the amount of tuition paid at the beginning of the academic year – has been in place since 2007/08. Final-year master‘s students receive the same amount in the form of a prize. Selection of the top 3% of students takes place within each Faculty or School, and each has its own criteria based on a number of UM-wide conditions.

The School of Business and Economics is very proud to inform you that the following nine SBE students were awarded a special top 3% certificate, as well as a prize covering the tuition fee minus the sum of any other grants received in compensation for these tuition fees (such as UM, SBE, Dutch government or foreign grants):  Cyriel Rutten, Mario Bause, Rozemarijn de Feijter, Alexander Awan, Dominik Jaretzke, Dominique Tichelbacker, Richard de Groot, Corinne Rinkel and Eliëtte Nuyens.

The certificate was awarded in the course of the master’s graduation ceremony on 17 April 2010. Unfortunately not all nine of them were able to make it to the ceremony: three of them had urgent obligations elsewhere.

SBE congratulates all nine students on this excellent achievement, and wishes them all the very best both personally and career-wise.

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