Kristof De Witte (ALGEC) has won the first “Edgard Milhaud” Prize

SBE is very pleased to announce that Kristof De Witte (ALGEC) has won the first “Edgard Milhaud” Prize for his work on analysing drinking water monopolies by robust non-parametric efficiency estimation.

Kristof De Witte is a member of TIER, the Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research, whose aim is to conduct excellent scientific research and to put the results of this research at the services of (and make usable for) educational practice and educational policy.

The Top Institute wants to develop knowledge of ‘evidence based education’ that can be made use of by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in policy preparation and evaluation; the educational practice – such as educational institutions – in the allocation of means and in decision making when choosing between educational theories; as well as parents and students when choosing a school or training. TIER has the following partners:  the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University and the University of Groningen.

The ” Edgard Milhaud” Prize aims to encourage and crown the work of a young researcher or expert on a theme of interest to CIRIEC, linked to the theme of CIRIEC’s biennial congresses.

CIRIEC (Centre International de Recherches et d’Information sur l’Economie Publique, Sociale et Coopérative, or International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) is a non-governmental international scientific organization.

The goal of the Prize is to incite young people to actively engage into CIRIEC and/or to get interested in the sectors and activities that are object of investigation within CIRIEC.

The 2010 theme was “Public and social economy in the economic crisis: supporting sustainable development”.

The Prize, a sum of €10,000, will be awarded every two years (even years) at the occasion of CIRIEC international congresses.

De Witte presented his work and accepted his award at the 28th International CIRIEC Congress, on Tuesday 18 May in Berlin.

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