Fine Cotton Company overall winner Market Day Den Bosch

On 6 March, Fine Cotton Company was chosen as the overall winner of the ‘Jong Ondernemen Market Day for Student Enterprises’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

On this market day, 72 student companies from Southern Netherlands presented their activities to a jury from the entrepreneurial mentors’ association Jong Ondernemen.

This jury elected Fine Cotton Company based on the “premium and elaborate product offer, exclusive atmosphere, outstanding team spirit, entrepreneurial and professional appearance and active customer approach”.

Fine Cotton Company S.E. was founded in September 2009 by six SBE master’s students, who are attending the International Business programme Entrepreneurship & SME Management.

The business concept is to sell high quality, tailor-made and customized shirts and blouses to customers that want to express themselves with perfect fit and unique style.

Ahead of the official website and business launch, Fine Cotton Company kicked off its pre-sales on this special day.

The winner’s check of EUR 500 will be invested in Fine Cotton Company’s official business launch. Fine Cotton Company’s team welcomes all those interested to subscribe on its website  and on Facebook.

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