Partnership with GRLI, the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative

Recently Dutch newspapers published a barrage of criticism on the outcomes of the United Nations’ scientific climate panel IPCC, who concluded that 55% of the Netherlands, which means 60% of the population, was below sea level. These factual incorrect observations led to incorrect conclusions about the impact of climate changes for the Netherlands and the Dutch economy. Minister Cramer has now demanded new research to shed light on these incorrect outcomes.

The fact that both Cramer and IPCC initiated new research is an excellent example of a sound attitude towards scientific research. No research outcome is static, especially if facts are interpreted in the wrong way to begin with. Universities should be in a constant state of discussion and debate with society. This also goes for schools of Business and Economics.

Recently the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics signed an agreement with GRLI, the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative. GRLI’s vision is a worldwide network of companies and learning institutions that is characterised by vast action and thorough exchange of learning. GRLI’s mission is to develop a next generation of responsible leaders through collective and individual actions. This cannot be achieved without attention to the environment and human rights, transparency and a constant dialogue with both companies and civil society. If you are an alumnus or business relation of SBE and would like to contribute either in a personal capacity or on behalf of your company, be sure to contact us. We need your input as much as you need our output!

Jos Lemmink, Dean

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